Is this how Free Willy feels?

19 Aug

Remember like 3 months ago when I bought my wetsuit? I finally mustered up the courage to try it on last week for a swim at Walden Pond.

The suit is an Xterra Vortex that I got on super sale. Wetsuits are friggin expensive, but I get emails from Xterra every now and then with a coupon code for 40% off. I highly recommend joining their mailing list if you’re in the market for a wetsuit – don’t buy one at full price unless you absolutely have to!

It wasn’t too bad to put on – a lot of pulling, shimmying, and crotch adjusting – but overall manageable. When I got in the pond I could barely feel the water around me and I was already sweating inside my suit! It’s definitely going to be necessary for the frigid waters of Maine.

I was also pretty shocked at how fast it made me – it seemed like every stroke got me so much further than usual. I’m going to have to get used to the resistance on my arms and shoulders, though.

Peeling the wetsuit off my body later – not as easy as getting it on. Gotta work on that one, too.

Tomorrow I’m heading to Maine for a few days with Derek and one of my bosom buddies, Meg! We’re staying in Southwest Harbor, right outside of Acadia National Park. I ran the Mount Desert Island Marathon there last October, and I am so excited to train this week!

In other news, I spilled my coffee all over my pants on the train ride home tonight and it made me feel like this :



1st thing on my packing list – the wetsuit!


See ya later, Boston!

One Response to “Is this how Free Willy feels?”

  1. Amy August 19, 2013 at 9:17 pm #

    Love the wetsuit! And the close up of your face. I miss your face!

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